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Curent Project: 
Studio Apartment in Moscow
The task:

Create a living space in the 40sqm box for young professional.  Budget: £10000

*all specialisation on Russian Language

Retro Office
Designer's task:
to create the "homely and cosy" working space with client's vintage favorites

Victorian House Renovation 

The tasks of the renovation were 

  • to restore original beauty of the house: the demolished fireplaces by previous homeowner; 

  • to have eco friendly materials and appliances 

  • the new light scheme and wiring

  • to remove the weight-bearing wall to open space up in accordance with Building Regulation

  • to remodel kitchen and family bathroom

  • to plaster ceilings and walls

  • design a clean feel but not to modern

  • have a neutral colour scheme with some dramatic accents

  • sourcing the multifunctional furniture and accessorises

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Project | 01

Project | 02

Project | 03

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To us, Bella lodge Studio, beauty is not only found in the way something looks, but also in the way it works. Every aesthetic decision should be grounded by purpose, so that we can create a space for you to be in, live in, work in, not just look at.

Our services price are reasonable and transparent. No hiding fees. You can see them on our site and start plan your budget right now.

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