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Very often, it is so frustrating for clients, who need the interior designer's support in their renovation project, to figure out the pricing for service. Many of them are very skeptical about the designers at all, considering that they embody their fantasies by the client, doing an expensive decoration. But it is not so. In practice, the decoration is only a peak of the iceberg called Interior Design


There is a common situation, before ask the designer's help, clients usually try undertake the refurbishment themselvies and... they give up when faced with the building/structure problems, with the time missed, budget melts and lost their strength at the end. But it really shouldn't be. We here to SAVE your budget! We will show you the best places in a project where to invest your money.

We make a point of being as transparent and upfront about costs us possible. We state our prices here on the website. No extra charges. 


£700 +VAT per room + 20% trader's fee


First consultation is free.

The Full Design Project (A-Z) Interior Designer's Fee is £700.00 per room (no doubles) + charge a 20% buying and arrangement fee on trade pricing (normally works out cheaper than RRP).



1) The kitchen (one room) concept design is £700

Includes: consultations, site survey, budget allocation concept board, remodelling plan, elevations, electric plan drawings, build in furniture details drawings if a/b, documentations for contractors

2) The trade price for kitchen units, lighting, furniture and contractors arrangements for whole project is £10000 and 20% of it is £2000

This cost actually covers: the site revisions/ project management, purchasing, order tracking, furniture storing, builders quotation and coordination, project time line setting, solving unforeseen problems and etc.

3) £700 + £2000 = £2700+VAT designer's fee for a kitchen design project in total. 

£85 + VAT per room only


If you are not sure about full design service, but are seeking for ideas, inspiration for bedroom, kids-room or visual/colour advice just to coordinate things you love.

Maybe you couldn't find an item of furniture such as a sideboard, a particular lamp or paint you have seen in a hotel or restaurant and fallen in love with?

The problem is you don't know where to find it, or something similar that you can afford for your own home... That's where we can help! Bella Lodge Studio believe that great design is affordable.


You can test the E-Design Service for just £85+VAT per room (no doubles please)

£250 +VAT per room + 20% trader's fee


First consultation is free.

If you need just to decorate/refresh your home (no construction works, space remodelling) or style it for living/sale/renting purposes it will be cost you £250 per room (no doubles) + charge a 20% buying and arrangement fee on trade pricing (normally works out cheaper than RRP).



Your budget for house decoration is £4000

1) You need to style/refresh

2 bedrooms (2x£250) - £500

1 living room - £250

kitchen/hall/bathroom (no remodelling) - £250

£1000 all together for styling

Styling for Sale or Decoration include: 3 personal on site consultations/revisions, site survey, design concept board, furniture layout plan, FF&E board, lighting & colours scheme, storage recommendations, support via email

2) Materials and Furniture is £2100

the 20% of £2100 is £420 all together trader's fee

This cost covers: materials sourcing, oder tracking and purchasing, contractor/labor quotation and coordination, the furniture refreshing/restoring if a/b, furniture & accessories installation on site

3) £1000 + £420 = £1420+VAT designer's fee for property styling in total. 

Venue design
Kitchen Remodeling
site management
office design
storage solutions
Technical Drws
lighting scheme
Furniture Update
the unique interior pieces search
Want to learn more? Contact us about your next project >>

Face-to-face onsite consultation: £100 + VAT

It is advisable when you are "only planning a design project" or stuck with ideas sorting out. Consultation will open up a clear vision for the life you want and how to achieve it.  It  helps our clients to "feel fully equipped and motivated to carry on improvement works".

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